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Monday, 24 September 2012

British Society?

So how many of you last night stared at you TV in bemused silence as various talented people were passed over for potential ratings grabbers?  I know I did.. Now whilst I won't go as far as some to say that Rylan Clark has 0 talent, how a "Singing" contest would consider him better than the likes of Joseph Welan now that strikes me as just plain wrong and it wasn't just in the "Boys" category.

Now this isn't the first time it's happened and I'm sure not the last.. we've seen the Jedwoods come and go and all of the drama queens and rating boosters that keep the show paid for but really is it simply just about ratings?

We were given a glimpse of the "judges minds" as we overheard that Joseph was a nice guy you could have a drink with but was he star material..?. well yes but clearly too nice, decent and talented as opposed to loud and simply irritating!

At what point do we as viewers simply say enough?  I'm not uneducated, I'm not an idiot and so therefore really don't want to be treated as such.  I'm actually more likely to continue watching a show where genuine talent battles it out than have TOWIE wannabees screeching and peacocking around the stage just getting their 5 minutes of fame.  Yes I realise it's my choice and I know where the off button is.. my argument here though isn't that I'm forced to watch the ratings boosters get the shot whilst the talented go back to work it's the perception that so many of need something to be wrong in order for us to watch.

It's the same on so many shows and the reason that as a rule I don't watch reality TV, are the British public so dummed down now that it takes the kind of people you'd never associate with or would avoid at any social gathering to make you pick up the phone and vote.. and vote they will.  Each week these non-acts will carry on thanks to morons with more money (or income support) than sense.  You only have to turn on daytime TV to see the kind of person I'm talking about here. 

Is this really what British society is today? 

I realise that it's "light" viewing but to me it's a reflection of everything negative about the get rich quick idealism promoted by these shows, how young people can feel that by being talentless, ignorant and just annoying you can get father than those who work hard and have a genuine something about them.

All opinions are my own!

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