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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to...

I decided to write a series of blogs  based on a "how to" approach.. I'm often asked how can I improve my web presence? How can I use social media or how do use Twitter?

So I thought why not put together a useful list of helpful suggestions to get you going..

I've decided to tackle the things I know about so I can't tell you how to create a million pounds but hopefully I can help you avoid online scams and marketing pitfalls!

So this first in the series will be "How to find a good web designer". With so many about how do you know which one to go with.. I'll give you a list of things to look for, questions to ask and reasons to avoid...

Following that we'll have "How to benefit from Social Media" and why EVERY business needs it.. "How to improve website rankings" and what scams to be aware of.. "How to network sucessfully" when not to be boring or a sheep!  and finally "How to ask" when to do it yourself and when to ask for help..

If you can think of any other blogs you'd like to see please comment and let me know!

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