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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why Didn't I Do This Before?

A few weeks ago I decided to have a look at my own analytics... down 38% not good!!

Well have you ever noticed how the builder that everyone raves about looks like his garage is about to fall down? Or how your mechanic has the most beaten up wreck? That's the answer..

Anyone who's in a trade will say that they're so busy doing their business that the thing they're best at gets neglected within their own lives.. Of course working online is no different! I've spent the last few months building various Twitter and Facebook accounts for clients and managing daily their online campaigns. What tends to happen is that investing so much time writing for others the desire to sit and do the same for yourself starts to wane - the result?  Dropping stats and a larger time investment to rebuild your own online profile.

So of course I've now spent the time and effort on my own site and I'm pleased to see a whopping 122% increase over the last 2 weeks, did it take much?  No it simply took me doing all of the things I routinely nag my clients to do!

So my top tips for this week...
  1. Don't ignore your own business no matter how much work you have on - if you have a sudden quiet period you'll be glad you made the effort.
  2.   Little and often!  Whether that's a diet or a social media tip it's true and it works! You don't have to spend hours once you're up and running.
  3. It's ok to spend time on you - don't feel guilty about investing time in you and your business.
  4. Monitor your progress and deal with issues BEFORE your stats drop and you notice an effect on your customer growth.
For more information or to have me invest in your business please feel free to drop me a line

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